Tammy Dumais Real Estate Specialist tammydumais@manchesterteam.net (207) 754-8877

Tammy’s career in real estate is built upon personal touches, win-win deals and positive results. In addition to using the latest technologies, market research and business strategies, for Tammy, it’s more importantly about building relationships and becoming a trusted agent through the acts of actively listening, communicating, engaging, and acting upon the needs, wants and dreams of her clients!

Tammy entered the real estate world with an eclectic background in business, business mentoring, coaching, sales, and consulting throughout New England. She grew up in business which often included real estate and was also a commercial and residential landlord herself!

When not studying the market, negotiating, or working with clients, Tammy enjoys spending time with family, being active, indoors and out, the ocean, traveling, cooking, and teaching health science. She is a volunteer and board member of Safe Voices, and volunteers as a foster family for dogs.


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